SOMESSO-Konferenz in Zürich: Dr. Benedikt Köhler hält die Keynote!

By ethority - social media intelligence team
In Oktober 30, 2009


Am 02. und 03. November 2009 findet im „Centre for global Dialogue“, Zürich, die diesjährige SOMESSO-Konferenz zum Thema „Leverage Corporate Social Media in the Finance Sector“ statt. Einleitend hält Dr. Benedikt Köhler die Keynote The Numbers reveal: Is Social Media/web2.0 another fad or is it here to stay? , in der er die Zukunft und Möglichkeiten der Finanzbranche in Social Media vorstellt.

Zum Neugierig machen, veröffentlichen wir hier vorab den Abstract:

There are three common misconceptions of the phenomenon “Social Media” or “Web 2.0”. First, it’s not about information. It’s about living a new digital lifestyle on a massive scale. Second, it’s not just another media channel in addition to print, radio or TV. It’s a disruptive cultural technique that is changing the whole media sphere. Third, we have not yet seen half of what is to come. Social Media is advancing like a tsunami wave that generally passes unnoticed up to the shallow waters of the coast. Fortunately, we can measure the seismic changes the social web implies. In this keynote, international research will be presented for a full picture of current digital media trends. Learn, how social media will change the finance industry and how you can benefit!

Wer es nächste Woche nicht in die Schweiz schaffen sollte, der offizielle Hashtag zum live Verfolgen lautet: #smo09

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