Nachrichtenseiten mit Rekordwachstum

By Alexander Becker
In April 12, 2008

Die Tops:
1. Welt Online (+175%)
2. Augsburger Allgemeine (+124%)
3. Sü (+52%)
4. RP-online (+47%%)
5. Frankfurter Rundschau (+44%)

Die Flops:
1. Westline (-18%)
2. RZ-online (-7%)
3. N24 Online (+6%)
4. Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger (+7%)
5. Zeit online (+13%)


  1. Welcome to the X-Press it Blending card addiction club, my name is Corry, how may I help/enable you!?!?! Nice to color on hey?!?! LOVE IT! Your card is aleobutsly beautifully thrown together! Not angry at all!! HEY DID U GET MY GIFT?!!> oh boy I bet someone stole, it. I left it on hanging on your garage door handle!?!>! EEp! Let me know! Also; love the green flourish!

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