Global or Die

By Alexander Becker
In März 15, 2008

Und schon wieder Loic LeMeur. Bei Techcruch veröffentlichte der Seesmic-Gründer nun 25 Regeln, die ein Start-up befolgen sollte. „Motto: Global or Die“

1. Think global as you create the business
2. Move to Silicon Valley
3. Create an original product: new and different
4. Do not create a copycat, unless your goal is only to get acquired
5. Try to raise funds from world-class VCs
6. Hire people from all nationalities as much as possible
7. Register your domain names in the key countries you are interested  in (and the large ones you are not interested in)
8. Protect your brand Worldwide
9. Make a site that is language ready day one, even if you launch in  
10. gather an international community since day 1
11. Talk to the most active members of the community to help you  
understand their market and become evangelists there
12. Create an application that lets your community translate the site  
by themselves
13. Languages are not the same in all the countries they are spoken
14. Do not think that Europe is the U.K.
15. Manage costs properly
16. Never do a 50/50 deal with anyone
17. Do key partnerships with large local players
18. Never trust that if the partner is large your service will be a  
19. Create an international reseller program
20. Kill your local copycats
21. Buy your local copycats if you can’t kill them
22. Be very pragmatic
23. Do not apply any of this to Asia
24. Do not apply any of this to Russia
25. This advice only applies to Internet startups

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