Facebook Redesign für heute Nacht angekündigt

By Alexander Becker
In Juli 20, 2008

Schlechter Einstiegs-Witz: Achtung StudiVZ bitte den Kopierer bereithalten. Heute Nacht soll endlcih das Facebook Redesign der Profilseiten in einer Beta-Version online gehen. Mashable schreibt dazu: „The upgrade to the profile page isn’t a whirlwind transformation. Most users will likely intuit for themselves how to manage their information in no time. But it’s a welcome move all the same. The current design has been in place for quite a while. Lots of things in the social networking space have evolved with the seasons. Facebook would do well to alter itself a bit, too. Of course, it’s largest task has been to bring application developers into alignment.“

>> Inside Facebook


  1. Ooooh! Oooh! Now That’s a card! I love your smart design and siplme yet artistic touches! A Gorgeous and lovely card! :)Thank you for joining Flourishes in our Color Challenge!~ Amanda 🙂

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