The three most important rules to manage a “Twitter-Shitstorm”

By Sten Franke
In October 30, 2017

No matter how much effort and quality you put in, not all customers will be satisfied with negative feedback and complaints being part of the daily routine for all companies. With social media, these negative reactions can have a lasting impact, always visible and present. With these negative tweets it is important to take extreme care and act with a clear and precise mind.

Here are three simple ways to help deal with negative social media mentions:

  1. Never fall for the bait:

Complaints that are  made on social media platforms are publicly visible to all. News outlets, competitors, prospective clients / customers;  your reaction could have long-term effects that ultimately hurt your brand. Even a nasty mention that has no substance can be dealt with class, and responding by taking the high ground in a polite way that shows you take their comment seriously could be the best and only option. Be sure to reply quickly and let them know you will address the issues in their comment, and actually do you best to address those issues!

  1. Keep your personal ego at bay

Always remember that you speak for your brand, and that your ego or pride can quickly sink that brand. Even if a comment is too close to home, always remember that your brand is worth more than 140 characters on twitter. Take some time, step back, think through your response, send it to a loved one to review, and then think of your response again. If you have to get to that final stage before posting it… you probably should not post it. Reply as you would expect a brand to reply to your own personal complaints, no matter how nasty they may be.

  1. If all else fails, pull the plug

Some situations are simply too much to handle and in a crisis situation where negative comments are flooding your channels, it may simple be best to cut that channel off… temporarily. Social media can be brutal, and even for the most seasoned brands, they have had to admit mistakes and remove whole profiles, or ad campaigns completely. Take that time offline to reflect about what led to the current situation and how you can better your brand from it and then come back with a proper message to your consumer base. It may seem like a drastic move, but even companies sometimes need a day off to recover before getting back into the fray with a fresh mindset.

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At ethority, we understand not only the best approach for each situation, but have developed a variety of mechanisms to monitor and report, in real-time, an increase in negative sentiment. Further we provide you with a strategic outline on how to best response to this phenomenon. Please contact us to learn more about this offering!


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