Sten Franke

CEO & Founder
Email: sten.franke@ethority.netPhone: +13234554644

Partners and friends call him Mr. Digital, because Sten has lived the digital future for more than 20 years. After installing and programming robots at the age of 19, he developed digital marketing with search engines after studying business administration. Already in 1997 he founded the first SEO agency in Germany and in 2001 established the first web and later social media monitoring provider. In the ranking of Wirtschaftswoche it is one of the ``Top 100 Most Influential Internet People`` in Germany. His passion is ``Digital Business Innovation by Big Data, Digital Marketing & Social Media``, developing digital marketing tools, extensive studies and media performance business models to monetize digital assets, as well as marketing and branding strategies. in 200+ major projects.


Christian Jourdant

Managing Director
Email: christian.jourdant@ethority.netPhone: +49300699822

Christian learned his business from the guru of Behavioral Marketing, Werner Kroeber-Riel, who invented the key visual of the ship with green sails for Beck's. After graduation, he went to the automotive industry and got to know the industry as a product manager, in the field and on the agency side, where he worked for Mercedes-Benz, Audi and Opel. After several years as head of marketing at Renault, in 2005 he chose his further path as a consultant for digital marketing, positioning and neuromarketing and came in contact with ethority. He worked for OTTO, Unilever, Deutsche Telekom, Vodafone and many others. His Approach: Decipher the customer's needs and develop strategies for brands, products and stories. Christian has been Managing Director at ethority since 2017.

Alexander Becker Head of Content @ethority

Alexander Becker

Head of Content
Email: alexander.becker@ethority.netPhone: +4940300699827

Alexander is a journalist, blogger and head of content. He creates the storyline day by day. For about 18 years he has been dealing with media, the World Wide Web and new technical developments. As an ambitious editor of Germany's first Internet magazine, Tomorrow Focus, or an avid moderator in the world of digital sports coverage around the Bundesliga, Alexander has been the content specialist and chief blogger at ethority since 2005. As editorial director of, he writes about digital business, brands, projects, current internet trends and the latest app and tablet strategies. In addition, he has been developing the content marketing strategies of our customers for years and leads customer workshops and seminars on social media and content strategies.


Susanne Grunau

Head of Digital Research
Email: susanne.grunau@ethority.netPhone: +4940300699835
Louise Weilers Director EMEA

Louise Weilers

Director EMEA
Email: louise.weilers@ethority.netPhone: +4940300699825

Nelli Ranck

Head of Digital Marketing
Email: nelli.ranck@ethority.netPhone: +4940300699831

The mission of ethority is to unleash the digital potential of every company and to convert it into creative energy, measurable results and excellent business success – in “payed”, “earned” and above all “owned” Digital, Mobile & Social Media.

The corporate claim of ethority concisely summarizes our mission: Unleashing Digital Excellence

Finding valid and comprehensible answers to complex questions motivates us – the multi-cultural team of ethority with its wide interdisciplinary expertise and experience in research and development for years – and leads us to even higher performance.

But we – the team of ethority – are only satisfied when you – our clients- are satisfied, too. For example when we make the impossible possible once again.

Count on us!