Social Media Report: Generation X is most active user group

By Sten Franke
In February 8, 2017

Even the experts from Nielsen have been wondering about the outcome of their Social-Media-Report 2016. The market researchers looked at the social media usage of the different age groups. And, the result surprised even the pros. Unlike expected, the Millennials are not the most committed social media users. Nielsen divided the study participants into Millennials (18 to 34 years), Generation X (35 to 49 years) and Baby Boomers (over 50 years).

On average, all adults spend 5:30 minutes a week on Facebook, Twitter & Co. If you split these values ​​into the three groups, you can see that the baby boomers spend four hours with social media. The Millennials arrive at 6:19 hours. The members of the Generation X are, however, 6:58 hours ahead of the younger ones.

The New York Times Sean Casey, President of Nielsen Social, said: he was surprised by the results. Social media and millennials have been synonymous as synonymous. But he noted that the smartphone had become a self-evident fact for his age group, Generation X, too.

The market researchers also investigated the question of what most people do when logging into a social network. Most (57 percent) visit the profile of a friend. Then follows the commenting of a posting of a friend (55 percent) and then the sending of an e-mail (50 percent). Exactly this value also reached the posting of an image and watching a video. At least 25 per cent said they were becoming fans of one of them or a user.

The most active social media day is Sunday. This is true for Facebook, as well as for Twitter. Particularly bad are the values ​​for Fridays.

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