Online experiences in Germany: Social media is stagnating while WhatsApp continues to expand

Every year ARD and ZDF publish an online study with this years edition being of particular interest for German brands ( Covering a wide range of topics including the state of the current streaming industry in Germany,  the most interesting information is that social media usage has actually taken a fall, albeit it, by a tiny percentage. With 33% of Germans logging into social networking sites at least once a day, the number is down from 34% the previous year. Only WhatsApp has seen an increase in its numbers from 58% to 64%.

What does this mean for businesses? That the future of connecting to its consumer base will take place not strictly through Instagram and Facebook, but also through the most popular messaging service in the world. With the recent announcement of the WhatsApp Business app (, companies that rely heavily on communication through social media channels will need to expand its reach even further by offering customer support or sales opportunities within the app itself.

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