IKEA’s brilliant Video Marketing Strategy – Slow TV Youtube Ads

Video Marketing with Slow TV? Don’t follow the rules of advertising – and that’s why it’s so funny, creative and probably successful. Ikea has launched a new video ad campaign on YouTube and the clips are against all the usual rules for successful video marketing strategies: they are extra-long, lengthy and without any dramaturgy.

The campaign runs under the top claim “Trueview” and is embedded in the larger marketing context that Ikea always wants to be there, “Where Life Happens”. It’s exactly this motto that the films follow. They show people – more or less completely normal everyday activities such as washing dishes or watching TV. The individual commercials go five to six minutes. The trick: The video ads from Ikea run as pre-roll ads. That means you’re in front of other Youtube clips that may be much shorter than the ones before. But: The Ikea advertisement can be skipped immediately. If viewers do not click on the Next button, they will eventually ask one of the protagonists directly why not just skip the ad instead of watching it.



This is funny, smart and contradicts all the actual rules for a successful social media strategy. But it is precisely this break that makes the Ikea campaign so successful. 

Business Punk draws attention to a further consideration of the video marketing ads: “The campaign is based on Åkestam Holst.” The Swedish creative agency was inspired by the phenomenon of “slow TV.” Yawning boring videos, from about train journeys lasting several hours enjoy increasing popularity on Youtube in times of accelerated information and communication. ”

In that sense, Ikea may even be considered a trendsetter of a new boredom. Most commentators on the social web are already excited:

Never thought I’ll watch a 4 minute video about washing dishes. Good one @IKEA #marketing https://t.co/s6EmLBZTuu


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