9 Great Content Ideas – History of Content Marketing – Back to the Future

All marketers are constantly talking about content marketing. Of course, not everyone knows what they are talking about, and only the fewest know the long history and tradition of this “supposedly” still young discipline, which started thousands of years ago: 

  1. Approximately 42,000 B.C. Cave paintings of the Neanderthals in Malaga – probably the first format for communication with content.
  2. In 1835, the New York Sun demonstrated the power of unique content in a series of “scientific” articles about the discovery of life on the moon, which later turned out to be hoax. But still, the number of subscribers grew.
  3. In 1895, the unofficial year of the birth of Brand Publishing with the release of John Deer’s – The Furrow – the first customer magazine with articles, useful farming tips and ads – The success made it a true content marketing legend.
  4. In 1900, the famous Michelin Guide was published for the first time. Originally for French “Motorists”, the Michelin Guide is still the premium restaurant guide with an overview of the best star chefs and restaurants of our civilization.
  5. JELL-O’s cookbook was published in 1904 to market its pudding and desert ingredients with delicious recipe ideas and to this day, of course as an online version, customer relations are maintained.
  6. In 1924, Sears launched the first radio showWorld’s Largest Store” and expanded it with comedy and music content to reach the target group of farmers.
  7. In 1982, Marvel and Hasbro succeeded in creating comic books and TV series around G.I. Joe – A Real American Hero a masterpiece. The innovative cross-channel promotion made G.I. Joe one of the most popular action heroes ever.
  8. 1993/1994 the online content was celebrated with the birth of the Internet. One year earlier, O’Reilly & Associates launched the first commercial Web site, The Whole Internet, which was O’Reilly’s first online activity: Global Network Navigator (GNN) was the first online magazine in the summer of 1993. with 529 entries, a year later, Netscape Communication came up with the first Internet browser.
  9. 2000 A.D. The grand seigneur of modern marketing, Seth Godin (foreword by Malcolm Gladwell), unleashed a revolution with the freely available eBook “Unleashing the Ideavirus” – especially for the development of new formats. 

Here is the wonderful infographic that shows the history of content marketing: 

Zukunft & Geschichte Content Marketing

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