Facebook Video Strategy vs. Youtube earns more Engagement & Traffic

By Sten Franke
In September 1, 2015

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Initial analyses show that Facebook videos are shown in the NewsFeed more often than YouTube or Vimeo videos!

This message is a challenge to Google’s own video service YouTube because now Facebook also wants its share in the growing advertising pie for video formats. In one of my German blog posts to the topic: Facebook Strategy 2015 – The 10 Reach Rules for EdgeRank and Content Marketing I have already stressed the relevance of video formats for a higher user involvement or rather brand engagement. This knowledge is topped by initial analyses that show: The Facebook video format beats YouTube by far with regards to engagement and soon also in matters of organic reach.

Not only the increasing number of viewed videos on YouTube proves that videos are the users’ preferred content. Recently, Facebook has announced that it receives more than four billion clicks on videos per day. So video formats are becoming increasingly popular among Facebook users which is confirmed by an engagement rate of more than 4%, a dream for every marketing and brand manager.

Up to now social media marketing managers and community managers pursued the strategy of uploading videos on YouTube and sharing the link on Facebook. Given Facebook’s current announcements in terms of involvement and monetarization of video content in the own social network , we can expect much more regarding new ad-mechanisms for the expansion of full-video marketing opportunities. But how can a marketer, social media or community manager profit from it?

Three important learnings regarding video content:

1. Facebook videos reach an extremely wide audience because they are shown in the NewsFeed more frequently.

2. Facebook videos achieve the highest engagement rates.

3. Facebook videos receive better metrics to evaluate success with the help of FB Insights.


I’m looking forward to a lively exchange with anyone interested here, on LinkedIn or Twitter. – Unleashing your Digital Excellence!

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