1) Target Group Monitoring

Through target group monitoring and user targeting, we evaluate where your audiences is located within social media communities, forums and review portals. With activated sponsored posts we promote your products and brand so that is has maximum reach.

4) Twitter Reputation

Building reputation on Twitter can take time and hard work, especially if you wish to generate significant leads from the platform. We assist in identifying your target group as well as creating campaigns that are most effective in reaching your base and boosting your reputation. Regardless of your sector, our initiatives are proven to achieve your goals.

2) Facebook Promotion

We developing a Facebook campaign tailored for your needs, including Sponsored Posts and Influencer Recommendations. Our research has led us to generate ad campaigns that garner earn higher interaction rates for stronger ROI.

5) Word of Mouth

Word of mouth communication is efficient for smaller target groups in forums and communities, identify the right sights with high activity to help spread your product / services.

3) Instagram Influencer

With authentic Influencer recommendations as well as best practices for contacting the influencers you want for your product, your product is recommended to specific target groups that are most likely able to increase your sales. Effective for product promotions, product sales, new customer acquisition, and lead generation.

6) Google+ & Reviews

Sales are encouraged deeper through online reviews, especially on Google. The SEO performance can be optimized with Google+, which is why it is an essential part of every online sales campaign.

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