What’s this?
The Business Innovation Check is an innovative and well established market intelligence tool to optimize your business success through a target group and customer data based strategy.

Who uses this?
Ethority’s Business Innovation Strategies & Market Intelligence tools have already been used in many innovation projects, among others. used in global players such as Telefonica O2, Deutsche Telekom, Bayer, Nivea, Henkel or medium-sized companies such as Hansgrohe, Blanco and Brillux, but also in many startups such as Brands4Friends / ebay.

How does this work?
With the Business Innovation Check, we examine the global data of your markets, target groups, customers, competitors, start-ups and the latest target group trends in order to develop your option rooms as a Business Innovation Road Map and implementable digitization strategy.
In your Business Innovation Road Map you will find growth opportunities and risks for all areas of your business: Customer, Brands, Products, Market Segments, Marketing & Corporate Communications, Team & Human Resources, Stakeholders & Lobbying, Finance & Acquisition.

  1. You want to expand your business with digitization?
  2. You want to understand new needs in your target groups?
  3. You want to improve the brand experience of your customers?
  4. You want to experience the latest trends in your industry up close?
  5. You want to know the best startups in your industry?
  6. You want to grow at a national and global level?
  7. You want to change your marketing strategy from 1.0 to 2.0?
  8. You want to develop your new growth story for a global market?
  9. You want to develop new products for new target groups?
  10. You want to make your entire organization fit for the future?

Ethority has established a proven “Business Innovation by Customer Intelligence” methodology for many years, working with you and your team to develop an effective innovation strategy to ensure long-term business success and risk factors such as digitization , to minimize.

What’s in it for me?
The aim of the Business Innovation Check is to determine the market potential of your company in the future and to develop and budget this potential as a Business Innovation Road Map, to immediately implement these in defined steps and to optimize them through continuous customer and market data analysis ,

What are the Next Steps?
After receiving your request, we will send you a suggestion for a video / teleconference with Sten Franke and/or one of our smartes CxO Management Consultants.

Please fill in the form according to the given fields so that we can prepareoptimal innovation approach for you company / brand / product / organization.

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