The Art of Blogging – Sten’s 12 Blog Success Strategies, Tips & Tricks

By Sten Franke
In October 7, 2017
The Art of Blogging

The Art of Blogging – Successful  blogging – 12 Blog Success Strategies, Tips & Tricks to Make a  Top Blog

First of all Successful Blogging can be done by everyone with these simple 12 blog strategies – The Art of Blogging are current tips and tricks from a survey of top bloggers that helps to make your own blog even more successful. Guess what it is not only a question of content, because…

The Art of Blogging – 12 Strategies to become a top blogger.

Since two million blog posts are published every day, you want stand out from this crowd consequently you must master the following 12 blog success strategies and mechanics as a daily basic craft. Seems like “be smart and work hard” that has been always my mantra, but there is something more you need to make it happen: Intelligence for Digital, Mobile & Social Media, so let’s dive in deeper. With the following 6 key blogging tips, you differentiate yourself from the crowd and go very far ahead:

  1. Time Investment: Only 5.5% of bloggers spend 6 hours on a typical blog post.
  2. Go deeper: Only 4.9% of bloggers write an average of 1500+ words per post.
  3. Daily flood: Only 4.7% of bloggers publish daily.
  4. Blog team: Build a team and a perfect process – Only 2.8% of bloggers use more than one editor in their own workflow process.
  5. Add audio and video – Only 2.6% of bloggers work with audio content.
  6. Die ideal blog post-length for SEO is more than 1500 words.

Sten’s 12 Blog-Strategies based on Media Intelligence, latest Research Insights and Blogging Experiences:

#1 The average blog takes about 3h time 

  • First of all the average blog post takes exactly 3 hours and 16 minutes.
  • Less than 88% of bloggers invest more than 6 hours in each post.
  • At least you should invest 3 hours in a blog, better more.

#2 Business Blog Strategie - Zeitaufwand pro Beitrag

#2 A top blog post contains more than 2.000+ words   

  • The average blog post contains about 1050 words.
  • Shorties, so mini-contributions with 500 words or less are rather declining
  • Extensive blogs with 2,000+ words have doubled.
  • In conclusion, bloggers who write longer posts achieve better results in their engagement.

#2 Blog Strategie Beitragslaenge


#3 Content workflow: Four eyes look more than two

  • More than one out of four bloggers have a formal process for blog editing.
  • The percentage of bloggers with multiple editors (content workflow) has doubled.
  • Consequently set-up a content workflow.

Strategie 1: Business Blog - Mehr als ein Editor

#3 Blogging is Passion and doesn’t follow business hours

  • More than 78% of bloggers write at different times of the day and at weekends.
  • While 4 out of 5 of the bloggers write outside the working time.
  • Only 22% write “during business hours”.
  • As a result, 8% of bloggers write before, during and after work, as well as on nights and weekends.

#3 Blog Strategie: Wann bloggen?


#4 Blogging is not just a job, it’s Lifestyle & Mega Trend!

  • A large percentage of bloggers are developing the content from home.
  • Blogging is mobile megatrend without spatial boundaries, because 81.4% blogs from everywhere – e.g. in bed, in trains, airplanes, libraries – in detail, say bloggers:
    … on the laptop in the bed (I like to travel, from hotels – mostly early mornings – me)
    … in the mechanic’s lobby
    … pretty much everywhere I write
    … I write on the mobile phone while driving in the bus and edit later on the computer
    … in the train, in the office, at lunch, in the kitchen, everywhere
    … at the bar with a beer
    … in the car as an audio recording
  • Anywhere, anytime, all the time. There is no limit in space and time – which means creating content is more than a job – blogging is a lifestyle.


#5 The blogging trend goes from quantity to quality!

  • Most bloggers (54%) publish at least once a week.
  • Almost 14% of bloggers are not consistent in their publication frequency.
  • Only 4.3% of bloggers who publish weekly or more frequently need 6 hours or more per post.
  • 83% publish monthly or more.
  • There is an inverse correlation between invested time per post and publishing frequency.
  • Blogger with extensive and elaborate contributions, do not blog so often.
  • Nevertheless, about one out of six publishes less than once monthly or rather irregularly.
  • Challenge: Production of quality content costs time and makes a lot of effort.
  • The trend goes from quantity to quality.

Trend 5 - Blog Strategie: Wie oft bloggen?


#6 Business bloggers are not perfectionists and usually work alone, only one third has a “lecturer”

  • The overwhelming majority of bloggers (73%) act as their own editor.
  • Only a small minority of bloggers (15%) use a formal editorial process.
    30% blog posts are checked before publishing by third parties before they go live.

#6 Blog Strategie: Blogger arbeiten meist allein


#7 Business bloggers are also the researcher, the client service, and finally the sales manager

  • Most bloggers (53%) blog professionally for other blogs and customers.
  • Only 14% of bloggers write most of their blog articles for customers.
  • Many bloggers write for more than one company and execute research, client service, and sales.

#8: Blog posts are published on many blogs, digital signatures are becoming increasingly important

  • Less than 5% of bloggers publish most of their content on other websites.
  • The majority of bloggers publish on customer sites, for press & media companies, or create guest posts on other blogs.
  • Only about one out of twenty bloggers publish most of the time on other websites.
  • The importance of Google Authorship and digital signatures is growing.

#8 Blog Strategie: Gast Blog Beiträge


#9 Blog promotion: Traffic via Social Media, SEO and email marketing

  • Social media is by far the most common blog promotion strategy for 94% of bloggers
  • Only 1 out of 20 bloggers paid to increase the traffic for the posts
  • Share content via social media is fast and easy and is therefore used by almost all bloggers.
  • Sometimes the blogging of social networking is almost indistinguishable.
  • The SEO (search engine optimization) is simple, most bloggers optimize blog content.
  • Email marketing is more difficult and more time-consuming and requires more editorial, design and list management. That is why only a third of bloggers use this tactic.
  • Social sharing is used universally.
  • Only one out of six bloggers work with other influencers.

#9 Blog-Strategie: Traffic mit Social Media, SEO und eMail

#10 Blog monitoring: blog marketing also requires Social Media Intelligence and analysis

  • Half of all bloggers do not run continuous social media monitoring or blog analysis to measure the success of blogs.
  • 27% of bloggers use Monitoring & Analytics occasionally.
  • Writing is creative, but marketing requires analytical skills.
  • A good percentage of bloggers have the skill set to perform an analysis.
  • Successful big bloggers (or at least a quarter of bloggers) use Analytics.

#10 Blog Strategie - Marketing ist Analytics


#11 Longer blog articles perform better 

  • 80% of bloggers create content that is on average 1000 words or less.
  • 5% of bloggers write 1500+ words per post on average.
  • On average, the bloggers write about 800 words per post.
  • A solid majority of bloggers (61%) write posts of equal length: 500 – 1000 words, although the research shows that the ideal blog post-length for SEO is more than 1500 words
  • Only one out of twenty bloggers produces content with long contributions
  • A small percentage (only 14 respondents) usually write epic and long articles.


#11 Blog Strategie: Wie lang ist ein Artikel


#12 Images, charts, infographics and videos support more blog performance 

  • Three out of four bloggers use images and graphics into their posts.
  • Half of all bloggers use more than one image per post.
  • 25% of bloggers use only text, although blog posts with images attract more visitors.
  • Half of all bloggers create content with multiple images.
  • More than 30% of bloggers use lists (like this)
  • Nearly 15% of bloggers use video, which does not mean the blogger has produced the video itself (it can be any video from YouTube).
  • On the other hand, very few use blogger audio?

#12 Blog Strategie: Welcher Content & Media Typ


Conclusion: As a result from the insights we can say successful bloggers publish several blogs per week, each with over 1,000 words. They write at the office, at home and after work. They usually take between two and three hours for a typical post and acting largely independent. The use of images, charts, infographics and videos makes an article even more successful. Good luck with your blog strategy and if you got an idea or strategy you found useful I am more than thankful for sharing my ideas, pleas press the share buttons. #keeponblogging

Thanks to Orbit media for the great survey, I like the 2015 infographic more than the 2016.


Infografik Top Blogger Trends Strategie

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