» We are a Brand Engagement Agency for Brand Alignment in the Experience Era.

Not just only a data, analysis and technology service provider. We’re a sparring partner, advisor and finally a companion for the successful implementation of Brand Engagement Solutions.

1997. Germany’s first SEO agency, mediatime (ethority precursor).

1999. Online-Marketing-Specialist, Founding member of the first New-Economy-Network, Tinfactory, in the “Alte Dosenfabrik” in Hamburg-Bahrenfeld with customers like KraftFoods, Aspirin, GRONE schools or Reyher screws.

2001/2002. Development and launch of the first web monitoring technology provider in Germany, gridpatrol, with news coverage in Germany’s leading TV-News “tagesschau” and customers such as ALDI Group, Schering or Miele.

2003. First online tracking and positioning system for ships of the shipping company NAVALIS Shipping.

2004. First Issues Tracking and Online Reputation Measurement System for AOL.

2004. First Internet Analysis Automobile 1-04 of 259 different models and 40 brands in 9 segments.

2005. Merger of Mediatime and Gridpatrol to Ethority, the first Full Service Online Marketing Agency Group for Brand Engagement with Word of Mouth Marketing.

2006. ethority grows and is now located in the city center of Hamburg in Büschstrasse (corner of Gänsemarkt).

2008. CEO-Online-Reputations Index, cooperation with Germany’s leading publication for managers, the Manager Magazin, and ethority’s market research department.

2008/2012. ethority lands an agency coup with the long-term implementation of o2’s Love Brand Strategy. The marketing team around Sten Franke relies on Word-of-Mouth, Customer Engagement, Social Media as well as street promotions. That demonstrated Social Media and Brand Engagement Best Practices, as well as o2 led the agenda as a “mobile opinion leader” and  ultimately through the acquisition of Eplus o2 became the largest mobile phone player in Germany.

2008/2009. First Brand Engagement Study with over 550 brands from 10 industries – Brands in Social Media.

2009. First Startup-Monitor by ethority, with the winner “Dawanda”. The DIY marketplace meets the Zeitgeist as the new kid on the block among digital founders and became the most popular brand of the digital natives.

2010. ethority is growing above average and counts now 25% of DAX companies among its customers.

2011/2012. ethority has over 50 employees and is very successful in brand engagement campaigns with Social Media Apps for Tourism, Mobile Carriers and Automotive Brands.

2013. ethority develops a brand engagement score card model and makes user engagement digital measurable, but also defines a Brand Engagement Tool Kit.

2015. ethority launches a new S.M.A.R.T. Social Media Monitoring Tool, DataChamp24.

2016. ethority tracks Germany’s leading TV show “Dschungelcamp”  (jungle camp) in real time and conducts studies on the monetization of Social Media for  Bundesliga and Champions League and presents the AGEOM marketing model.

2017. ethority transforms and restarts its agency and advisory services with the independent global network.

2018. ethority continues the agency business and develops a new brand loyalty model.

Sten Franke Human Centric Ai AR Robotics Data Platform

2019/2020. ethority is revolutionizing brand engagement with a new augmented reality platform.

This opens a new era of user experience. The foundation stone was laid in Berlin.