Die Rezession als Chance für das Online Markting

By ethority - social media intelligence team
In April 28, 2008

Wieso Rezession und ein Aufblühen des Online Marketings sehr gut zusammen passen. Josh Bernoff`s Post auf dem Forrester Blog zeigt, warum Word of Mouth Marketing, Social Networks und Weblogs während der konjunkturellen Talfahrt für Marketer so richtig interessant werden.

Here's what smart marketers should know:

    * It's not a tech bubble. The last recession was caused by the dot-com bubble and the terrorist attacks. There was a lot of ignorant money out there chasing illusory opportunity, and companies had overinvested in technology. This time, the precipitating event is a housing bubble, and technology spending is not irrational.
    * Awareness ads will lose effectiveness. Advertising (or as we often call it, "shouting") is mostly about generating awareness and reinforcing brands. In a recession, ordinary consumers like you and me aren't as willing to spend. Sure, we'll be aware of the product, but that doesn't make so much difference when you're worried about your future. Advertising is expensive and is a lot easier to cut than headcount. Many are predicting ad spending will hold up; I'm not so sure.
    * But social applications are about consideration, not awareness. Blogs, word of mouth, social networks . . . they're about people connecting with other people. You may resist advertising if your finances are tight, but if your bud tells you that new movie is really worth seeing or that the Gap has the cutest new tops, that's more persuasive than advertising. Basically, in a recession, the consideration phase is more important than awareness — and that's where advertising flops and social applications succeed.
    * It's cheap. Social applications can be nearly free (think blogs, Ning.com, facebook pages) and even more sophisticated communities are typically $30K to $200K — a lot cheaper than a significant sized ad campaign. After our last post, all the responses were positive.
    * It's measurable. If your social application doesn't have a measurable output, you'd better get one. But if it does — if it generates leads, or conversions, or buzz, or something useful — then you can prove it's working. beinggirl.com is four times as effective as TV ads, Procter & Gamble told us. That won't get cut in a recession.

Der Gedanke von Bernoff trifft in diesem Zusammenhang den Nagel genau auf den Kopf. Fakt ist: die volkswirtschaftlichen Kennzahlen deuten auf einen Abschwung der Weltkonjunktur hin. Daher werden die Marketingdepartements erst einmal die großen Marketingbudgets für Print und TV zur Disposition stellen. Genau diese Entwicklung wird dem Marketing innerhalb der Social Media einen ordentlichen Schub nach Vorne geben.

P.S: Auch Techcrunch bzw. Michael Jones (CEO von Userplan und Senior Vice President von AOL)   beschäftigt sich mit diesem Thema


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