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In Mai 29, 2008

Die diesjährige D. All Things Digital in San Diego glänzte mal wieder mit hochkarätigen Rednern. Lesern, die nicht wissen, was die D Konferenz ist, sei hier nur gesagt, dass diese Veranstaltung vom Wall Street Journal organisiert wird. Das Oberthema ist, wie der Titel schon vermuten lässt, auf die digitalen Momente im Leben fokussiert. Die D glänzt seit 2003 immer wieder mit spektakulären Podiumsdiskussionen. So teilte sich im letzten Jahr Bill Gates mit Steve Jobs das gemeinsame Podium zum Plausch. Gestern beehrte dann Rupert Murdoch, der Chef des Wall Street Journals, die Veranstaltung im sonnigen Süden von Kalifornien. Er gab dort den auserwählten Zuhörern einen Einblick in seine Gedanken zur Zukunft der Printmedien sowie zu MySpace, Yahoo etc.

Rupert Murdoch:

über die Zukunft der Printmedien: “I just love communicating with people, whether print, TV, print, mobile and others. Print will be there for at least 20 years, and outlive me.

über den Grund des weiteren Ausbaus des Wall Street  Journals: “Every piece of story in WSJ has on average about 8.3 editors involved…that is ridiculous. You have to get all of the facts in in half the space…New York Times charges $500 a year for subscription…now we charge about $150 a year. We still have a long way to go.

über den gescheiterten Microsoft-Yahoo Deal: “I am mystified. If Microsoft just left the deal on the table, the shareholders would have seen the light. The alternatives are too complicated…the deal with Google  would surely increase their bottomline, but there is a real regulatory risk in any of this. If this gets stuck in regulatory approval for 12 months, Google will eat everyone’s length. Google gushes money, and you can see why Microsoft is worried.

wenn er Steve Ballmer wäre: “I would get on with the deal…start again with $33.”

über die Gespräche zwischen MySpace und Yahoo: “There was a possibility at one point…we would have spun off MySpace and put into Yahoo. But it seems to have petered off…

über MySpace vs Facebook: “In the last six months, we have developed tremendously. By any measurement, we are 2-3 times more, and we are only beginning our international expansion. In U.S., we have twice so many uniques…any user in U.S. stays with us an hour a month longer than Facebook.

ob sich Newscorp auch Gedanken über bebo gemacht hat: “We looked at it about a year ago, and it was $100 million or something in that range."

über die Zukunft des Films und seinen Vertrieb: “I would love to see all windows closed…but there are lots of people’s interest to consider. The theater owners are powerful, but we will try and move to close that gap as much as possible.

über Google: “I think they are great partners…I think they are the greatest company in America. But, for anyone to be a monopoly is a problem…but the marketplace takes care of monopolies.

über die landesweite Versorgung mit Breitband-Internet in der USA: “It is a disgrace. I think the telephone companies will knock out the cable companies…

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